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Come Hell or High Water: Not Even Flooding Stops a Texan from Grilling

Let's preface this article by saying that Hurricane Harvey was a tragedy. Not only is Houston in shambles, but it will cost billions of dollars to even make a dent in the repairs that are needed. Even with the nearly unanimous approval of a $7.9 billion aid package from the federal government, the state of Texas has a long way to go on the road to recovery.

Nevertheless, as with all tragedies in life, once the shock of the aftermath has begun to sink in, suddenly life goes on. Naturally, since this hurricane wreaked the vast majority of its damage on the Texas Gulf Coast, it only seems right that signs of hope and recovery make their appearance in the most Texan way possible.


Despite the fact that the flood waters have not yet receded, Ronnie Lauranoff of Cedar Lake, Texas wasn't to be stopped from enjoying some real Texas barbecue. Throwing caution to the wind, this Texas grill king took to the outdoors to show nature that residents of the Lone Star State could not be cowed by a category 5 storm.

With his variety of meat and some Sweet Baby Rays, this neon-shirted dude made waves on social media for his dedication to the great cuisine of Texas.

The Public's Thoughts on the Matter

Even though who considered the stunt to be slightly redneck, could get behind the sentiment.

Most people, however, considered the photo to be simply Texan.

With over 100 thousand shares and many more views, this Texas man singlehandedly reminded our state what it means to be a true Texan in the face of adversity - even if that adversity is a freak storm that nature saw fit to throw at us.

So in the words of those who saw this photo as a way to rally behind our great state: Stay strong Texas.

This is a cautionary reminder that one should not take flooding lightly. However, it's a known fact that Texans will do what they want come hell or high water.

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