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This North Carolina Couple is Taking Their Tiny House Across America

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Filmakers Christian Parsons and Alexis Stephens are turning an average road trip into an extraordinary expedition, and they’re using their tiny house to do it.

Just over a year ago, the couple embarked on a 2-year trip across both the United States and Canada. They have been documenting their trip to bring awareness to the tiny house movement. The campaign inspires people to think big while living small in hopes to create a more sustainable living community.

Parsons was leery of the mission when Stephens first came to him with the idea. However, he agreed to it under two conditions: an air conditioner and Parsons’ actual bed needed to come along for the ride.

The couple has been able to meet many others involved in the tiny house movement. Though making progress, they are still facing barriers in regards to zoning.

“Automatically, you don’t meet code because you’re on a trailer,” Alexis tells Fox 8 News.  “The main problem with RVs is the full-time living. So that’s where zoning comes in. Zoning has the power to say that you are allowed to live in certain areas in your RV or tiny home for full-time living.”

Parsons and Stephens still have a long way to go as far as acceptance. However, they say have become better people because of the journey. Their communication with each other has improved. And little by little, their community is growing. For now, they plan to continue living by their motto, “Embrace experiences over stuff.”

To follow along and see where they’re heading next check out the Tiny House Expedition blog.

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This North Carolina Couple is Taking Their Tiny House Across America