Nland Surf Park Opens in Austin, Texas

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Texans, get ready to hang 10! NLand Surf Park is opening this Friday, Oct. 7. The Surf Park is open to experts and beginners alike. From serious surfers looking to train, to kids just wanting to have some fun, it has something for everyone.

The Surf Park is the brainchild of Doug Coors. The surfer and engineer brought his dream project to life after 20 years of planning. Coors partnered with the Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden for the wave lagoon technology.

The lagoon pool is roughly nine football fields long and offers different levels of waves. There are head-high waves with a 35-second ride for experienced surfers, and for beginners, there are gentler waves.

The Surf Park has a shop where you can buy all of the surfing amenities. There’s also a juice bar and a restaurant that serves up locally sourced, farm-fresh food.

You’ll also notice the observation walkway that runs over the wave lagoon. Bystanders can hang out up there for a great aerial view of the surfers below. To hang out on the shore and not surf, there’s a $5 pass option.

NLand’s Surf Park sits right off Highway 71 and is just 10 minutes from the Austin airport.

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Nland Surf Park Opens in Austin, Texas