10 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Champagnes To Drink Up!

When you envision a special occasion in your mind, you hear popping sounds and see overflowing glasses of fizz and bubbles with happy faces all around. But then reality sets in. You remember you have to get up for work the next day or drive home that night. Perhaps you don't like to drink. Drinking the real thing when it comes to alcohol is not always safe or practical. But there's no need to just stick to water! We have plenty of options when it comes to celebrating with non-alcoholic champagne.

Most restaurants will have a selection of mocktails, non-alcoholic wine, and alcohol-free sparkling wine on the menu. Have a virgin pina colada alongside your 5-year-old and safely drive home with the little ones in tow. But when you're craving some fizz along with your fries (the acidity makes it a great combo by the way) pick up some of these sparkling non-alcoholic spirits. Many are on Amazon or check your local wine shop or market.

10 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne To Drink Up!

1. Fre Brut Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Fre is the non-alcoholic label of Sutter Home. You won't miss the booze at all with this sparkling white wine. You'll get the same notes and aromas of green apples and ripe pears that you would in a standard sparkler. Stock up on this value to make mimosas or just to celebrate making it through another day.

2. St. Regis Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Brut

Chardonnay is a popular varietal for sparkling wine. St. Regis uses a de-alcoholized chardonnay to keep those same fruity citrus notes with crisp minerality and that toasty chardonnay taste. Pro Tip: Enjoy this often.

3. Chateau De Fleur Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine

A French name for this California bubbly by Weibel Vineyards, this booze-free sparkler has some sweetness to it with lots of peach and apple notes. Make a sweet non-alcoholic champagne punch by adding white grape juice and sherbert for that 1977 flair.

4. Pierre Chavin Perle Bleu Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

The beautiful blue color of this bubbly is a real conversation starter at a boy's baby shower. Pour it as part of a gender reveal party! Much safer than explosives. And it tastes like subtle blueberries and sweet apples.

5. Pierre Chavin Perle Rose Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Wine

Tastes like it looks...a subtle sweetness like flowers and berries. Think girl baby showers, gender reveals, and breast cancer awareness fundraisers!

6. T?-ST Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage

This totally modern take on non-alcoholic sparkling options. Choose from the flavors of original white cranberry, white tea, a ginger blend, and a rosé version with elderberry. Safely add some "grownup" giggly excitement to a teenage get-together.

7. Señorío de la Tautila Espumoso Rosado Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Wine

Spanish wines are known for their quality and value, This non-alcoholic example is no exception. The winemaker uses de-alcoholized tempranillo grapes to make this sparkling rose-colored drink. Fun Fact: Rose is called rosado in Spain

8. Surely Sparkling Rosé

Rosé is hot. And I think it's finally caught on in America as a drink for all year round. This non-alcoholic sparkling wine is made by Sonoma California winemakers using a technology called the spinning cone column. This new method removes the alcohol but leaves the taste. Perfect.

9. Zero Zero Deluxe Sparkling

Similar to cava, this Spanish non-alcoholic bubbly is made with the same Chardonnay grapes as real cava. Bright and light and a great base for bellinis or mimosas. You won't miss the alcohol content at all. Well, maybe you will but there's a time and place for everything.

10. Martinelli's Sparkling Cider

Martinelli's an American classic. Who doesn't remember being a kid and pretending to be drinking the "real thing" at family functions? Intense apple flavors with the right amount of bubbles and fizz. It's also a great option for guests on medication who don't feel comfortable with the other non-alcoholic champagnes available since there can be a small percentage of alcohol still detected.

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