12 Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands to Try for Dry January

December is a month of celebrating. There are holiday parties and gatherings every weekend filled with delicious appetizers and more booze than you've seen all year. The year ends with an alcohol-filled evening, starting the beginning of the year with a Time's Square NYE Ball-size headache. After a month of merriment, most partake in 'Dry January' to give their livers a well-needed rest. So what do you drink instead? You can stick with water and seltzer, but if you are really craving the taste of regular beer, these non-alcoholic beer brands have you covered.

What is Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Unlike regular beer which can range anywhere from 3% and 13% ABV, non-alcoholic beer contains 0.5% alcohol by volume. It retrospect, canned kombucha usually contains the same amount of alcohol due to the fermentation process. Alcohol-free beer contains no alcohol. Colloquially called "near beer," alcohol-free beer contains no alcohol.

One zero alcohol option is popular beer brand, Heineken. This year, Heineken has introduced The January Dry Pack, a 31-pack of non-alcoholic brew that acts like an Advent calendar. Packed with Heineken 0.0% ABV, the alcohol-free pack is a fun way to drink your favorite lager without the side-effects of alcohol.


And get this, the pack is completely free! There is a limited number of free packs, however, you can still buy the Heineken 0.0% ABV in stores or online.

Along with Heineken, there are a number of beer brands that sell alcohol-free beer. Which is the best non-alcoholic beer? That's for you to decide.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands


O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic beer is a an all-natural, full bodied malt beverage. Mild taste with a sweet finish and a round mouthfeel, this Anheuser-Busch brew is produced like normal beers, then the alcohol content is removed through a low-temperature distillation.

Beck's Non-Alcoholic

Coming from Germany, Beck's Non-Alcoholic is a great alternative. This light, golden malt beverage is the top European import in the United States, popular for its European hops and rich malt.

Busch NA

Available year-round, Busch NA is brewed with the finest natural ingredients. This non-alcoholic beer has the flavor of a classic light beer, with a crisp, dry finish.


Erdinger's non-alcoholic wheat beer strikes the balance between fruity sweetness and tart earthiness. This tasty ale is perfect to kick your feet up and relax with a refreshing and medium-bodied beverage. 

St. Pauli N.A.

Crisp and carbonated, this golden amber brewsky has a nice depth of flavor.


Brewed by Guinness, this .5% non-alcohol beer pours with a golden hue.

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier

Medium body with medium carbonation, this beer goes great with dinner.

Bitburger Drive

This German pilsner-style beer is bright and refreshing, advertised as a post-workout refreshment. Crisp and clean, Bitburger Drive 0,0% is both light and full-flavored with a grassy, hoppy finish.

Athletic Brewing Co. Run Wild IPA

Athletic Brewing's Run Wild IPA is beloved among fitness fanatics who want to enjoy something light and hoppy that won't slow them down on their Ironman races. Only 70 calories, this bright craft beer is subtle yet complex.

Clausthaler Unfiltered

A pioneer of non-alcoholic beer, Clausthaler knows how to make satisfying, tasty beer without any of the alcohol. The Clausthaler Unfiltered is a golden, natural brew with bitter notes and the flavor of sweet malt.

Coors Non-Alcoholic

Great tasting and easy to drink, the ideal beer to unwind with after a long day's work.

Nanny State

Created by Brewdog, this ruby-colored, malty NA beer is just what you are looking for. Using five hop varieties and eight kinds of malt, this alcohol free pale ale has the flavor and mouthfeel often associated with a higher-strength beer.

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This post was originally published on January 2, 2020