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Song Premiere: Nobody's Girl Looks Toward a Better Future on 'Someday at Christmas'

Austin, Texas-based Americana trio Nobody's Girl (Rebecca Loebe, Grace Pettis and BettySoo) sing of hope for a brighter future with their dreamy cover of "Someday at Christmas."

The trio was familiar with the song, which was previously recorded by The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder, but it wasn't until hearing the song on a road trip that the band members realized how important and timely the song's lyrics are.

"This song is both classic and contemporary.  It's got a vintage feel and most people remember the Stevie Wonder version.  But at the same time, it's timely. There are many wrongs needing to be righted in the times and world we're living in today.  Every generation has its battles. Christmas is a time that brings out the best in us. The holidays are for dreaming about a better world.  Hope and peace on earth and freedom for all of us," the band said in a statement to Wide Open Country"When we were reimagining this song for our sound, we came up with a new melody for the refrain.  We love our addition to 'Someday at Christmas's' recorded history. Our rendition is extra wistful and dreamy.  It's positive but there's a little grey in there. Here we are, more than 50 years after Stevie Wonder released his version, still singing about a 'world where men are free.' And that's still relevant, unfortunately. But it's hopeful too."

Listen to "Someday at Christmas" below.

For more information on Nobody's Girl, visit their official website.

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