Nicole Kidman is the Spitting Image of Lucille Ball in New Trailer for 'Being the Ricardos'


Lucille Ball, is that you? Nope! That's Nicole Kidman!  Kidman is ready to show the world her interpretation of the iconic Lucille Ball, and boy, does she look the part. The trailer for the film Being the Ricardos  was just released, in which Kidman plays the fan-favorite comedian. The sneak peak opens up with the Big Little Lies actress doing a voice-over, speaking about how she gets to work on her sitcom, I Love Lucy. She goes on to mention then-husband Desi Arnaz, who is played by Oscar-winner Javier Bardem.

In the trailer, she is heard saying, "I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love doing. I work side by side with my husband, who is genuinely impressed by me. And all I have to do to keep it is kill for 36 weeks in a row, and then do it again the next year."

The clip then shows Kidman playing the Hollywood star in black and white while shooting a scene on the show, saying, "You know, I did this show so Desi and I could be together. I had no idea it was going to be a hit."


This isn't the first time fans have had the chance to see Kidman as Ball. Back in April, a picture of her in costume surfaced online. Official photos were later released of both stars, Kidman and Bardem, in full character. Husband Keith Urban even put in his two cents, speaking to ExtraTVFriday about Kidman's portrayal.

He stated, "I'm proud of her for anything. It's a really an extraordinary role and it's an extraordinary script -- Aaron Sorkin has written beyond this. It's just amazing." The 53-year-old singer also stated that Kidman is loving playing the icon especially since the cast is "amazing." He continued, "Props to everyone for making things happen."

Being the Ricardos focuses on Ball's life with Arnaz, who she married in 1940 and split from in 1960. The film is more about their life as actors rather than their characters on I Love Lucy. It is said to trace the relationship between the duo during one week of shooting the show.

Speaking with Chris Rock for Variety, Kidman revealed that she was out of her comfort zone playing Ball since she had a particular way of speaking. About the film, she noted, "Lucille Ball is hopefully funny. The strange thing about Lucille Ball is that everyone thinks we're remaking the "I Love Lucy" show, and it's so not that. It's about Lucy and Desi and their relationship and their marriage. It's very deep, actually."


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She continued, "She was a trailblazer. She formed her production company. Desi was Cuban, and she had to fight to get him on the show. They had just so many things in their marriage that are so relevant today, and what she was also dealing with in terms of everything that artists deal with, where you're up against big corporations. And you're like, "No, this is art."

Lucikly for us, Arnaz's daughter, Lucie Arnaz, gave the film her blessing! In a Facebook video, she told the audience, "Aaron has done a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life, and it's just a little soupcon. It's a little slice of life in their journey. It's not the whole story. It's not a biopic from cradle to grave. It is a two-hour feature film about these two people and some of the remarkable things that they lived through."


Being the Ricardos also stars Nina Rianda, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale and Clark Gregg and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons. It is set to hit theaters on Dec. 10, 2021, and will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video starting Dec. 21, 2021.

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