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Song Premiere: Nicholas Mudd's Classic Country Heartbreaker, 'Spinning Around'


Los Angeles-based country artist Nicholas Mudd grew up surrounded by country storytelling, folk melodies and his grandfather's fiddles, mandolins and banjos. His upbringing, along with his love of bluegrass and Bakersfield country, shines on his self-titled debut LP (due out on April 12).

"Spinning Around," which Wide Open Country is premiering todayis a barroom weeper steeped in tradition, pedal steel and heartache.

"I'm tired of spinning 'round on this old world without you spinning 'round by my side," Mudd sings.

Mudd says the song was his way of tipping his hat to one of his country heroes.


"This one is a pretty standard country heartbreak number. It has sort of a 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone' vibe to it, with the singer looking back over a broken relationship, remembering the things he screwed up, and feeling the regret from that," Mudd tells Wide Open Country. "The 'dirty old bar room' in the song is referencing the Bootleg Theater here in LA (Alicia and Jason, if you're reading this, I love your bar and it's really not that dirty). Also, I just wanted a slow, 3/4 time outlaw song on the record, and this was it. I was really channeling my inner Waylon while writing it."

Listen to "Spinning Around" below.

Nicholas Mudd's self-titled album was recorded at Bedrock LA and produced and mastered by Eric Rennaker.

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