This NFL Star Quit the Game to Become a Farmer

Screengrab via CBS News

In 2009, Jason Brown was the highest paid center in the NFL, but he walked away from his successful football career become a farmer.

A recent story by CBS News describes Brown’s remarkable career change. He left his $37.5 million contract with the St. Louis Rams knowing absolutely nothing about farming, but it was a risk he was willing to take. Brown’s agent said would be the biggest mistake of his life.

More than 3 years later, it looks like Brown’s agent was wrong. Thanks to YouTube, Brown learned what he needed to know and now owns a 1,000-acre farm in Louisburg, N.C. The farm harvests sweet potatoes and other vegetables, but Brown doesn’t keep a single one.

From the beginning, Brown had one mission: to give back and his “First Fruits Farm” does just that. All crops harvested are donated to local food pantries to aid in hunger relief in North Carolina. In 2014, First Fruits Farm gave away 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and 10,000 pounds of cucumbers.

“When I think about a life of greatness,” Brown told CBS. “I think about a life of service.”

It’s pretty clear Brown is well on his way to achieving that greatness. One worth far more than the NFL life he walked away from.

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This NFL Star Quit the Game to Become a Farmer