Newcomer Tucker Beathard Reflects on the One That Got Away in ‘Rock On’

Screengrab via YouTube

Over the past year, the country music charts have been filled with entries from lots of talented newcomers. Tucker Beathard is one of the latest additions to that list, thanks in part to his clever and refreshingly honest debut single “Rock On.”

In a time when taking revenge on your ex by drowning yourself in liquor or hooking up with someone new seems to be all the rage lyrically, Beathard instead opts to simply tip his hat to the girl that he let slip through his fingers. In his new video, we see the woman he loved in her seemingly picture-perfect life on the West Coast. No matter how good she tries to make her life look through social media, it seems like something just isn’t quite right.

Although she does her best to post pictures that may make anyone – especially her ex – think she has it all, it’s not really what it seems. Beathard can simply smile as he scrolls past her photos, while she sits in her car, hears his song and wonders if she made a big mistake.

It’s a simple but expertly done way of showing the reality of modern day relationships and their aftermaths in a way that doesn’t include passive-aggressive tactics (I’m looking at you, Blake Shelton). With a debut as strong as this one, Beathard is definitely one to watch for the rest of 2016.

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Newcomer Tucker Beathard Reflects on the One That Got Away in ‘Rock On’