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New Yorkers are Paying $4 Each for These Texas-Style Breakfast Tacos

If you're a Texan moving to New York, you can kiss the true beloved taste of a real Tex-Mex taco goodbye. That was how Liz Solomon felt during her 10 years in the advertising world once she relocated to the Northeast.

As a native Texan, Solomon was tired of being let down by the slim offerings of breakfast tacos. That's when she decided to leave her advertising career behind and launch King David's Tacos. Now, New Yorkers can enjoy one of two kinds of authentic Texas style breakfast tacos for a whopping $4 each.

In Texas, $4 could get you at least 4 tacos at some of the best restaurants in town. In New York, it will simply get you either a BPEC or a Queen Bee.

The BPEC is a bean, potato, egg and cheese taco. The Queen Bee comes with everything that's on the BPEC in addition to refried beans.

If the $4 price tag blew your mind, there's more. King David's is currently only taking minimum orders of 100 in their catering business. That means if New Yorkers want to enjoy real Texas tacos, they'll have to shell out $400.

"The idea behind catering," Solomon recently told Grub Street, "is that I'm bringing breakfast tacos to the people, instead of making them come to me. And in that sense, I'm able to spread the word faster -- spread the breakfast-taco gospel further."

The movement seems to be catching on, as posts from King David's Instagram account show the company delivering tacos to companies such as Oglivy, Bleacher Report and The Nightly Show.

If you want the real deal outside of Texas, it looks like you'll have to pay a few hefty pennies, but for a little piece of home it doesn't seem like $4 is too big of a price to pay.

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New Yorkers are Paying $4 Each for These Texas-Style Breakfast Tacos