New Texas License Plates Help Fund an Awesome Cause

Photo via Office of Gov. Greg Abbott

Think those new Texas license plates are too “plain Jane”? Here’s your chance to spruce up your tags and help fund music education at the same time. How?

Well, the Texas Music Office just announced the Texas Music License Plate Grant Program. The new initiative uses funds from the purchase of a license plate to buy musical instruments and lessons for underserved Texas school children. Basically, these new license plates keep music in schools.

The plates cost $30, and $22 of those dollars go straight into the TMO’s grant fund. Non-profit organizations dedicated to bringing music to underprivileged schools apply for $3,000 grants through a simple online application process.

And for what it’s worth, the plates are pretty cool looking, too. They feature a guitar headstock in red and blue with a white Lone Star at the top. Way better than the all black ones as of recent.

Keeping music in schools is one of the most noble things a community can do. The arts provide an outlet for tens of thousands of Texas school children every year. Unfortunately, music funding hasn’t been a high priority and the smallest rural schools suffer most.

A lot of really cool non-profit organizations, such as Grounded In Music, have since jumped in to fill the gap. This new license plate grant program is an excellent way to showcase pride in Texas music and ensure Texas will keep churning out phenomenal young musicians for years to come.

If you want to support the cause and snag some new plates, head here.

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New Texas License Plates Help Fund an Awesome Cause