Learn How to Build the Log Cabin of Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to learn what it takes to build your very own log cabin? Well, you’re in luck. The Oregon State University (OSU) Forestry and Natural Resources Extension is on a mission to teach you how.

A new seminar offering from OSU provides both tips and advice for building a cabin on your own land. Logs to Lumber to Living discusses what types of permits builders need and the material costs for building. Adding in personal touches with accessories such as decks and firepits are also on the agenda.

OSU timber harvesting specialists Steve Bowers and Francisca Belart lead the seminar. Alicia Jones, Natural Resource Agent of the OSU extension, says the seminar came about by Bowers personal cabin building project.

“He wanted to bring that knowledge to other folks that might be timberland owners or have small woodlands of their own,” she told KPIC.

Major learning points of the class include:

  • Inspecting timber before use
  • The many methods of cutting timber
  • Pros and cons of using different power sources

The OSU Extension strives to always provide research-based knowledge to help people improve their lives, homes and communities. If you want to benefit from their knowledge, you can find out more about the seminar here.

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Learn How to Build the Log Cabin of Your Dreams