New Room Discovered in the Bizarre Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House has always been shrouded in mystery. With hidden rooms, staircases leading to nowhere, miles of twisting hallways and an eccentric design, it's become a California historical landmark. Now, the home is making headlines because of a newly discovered secret room. The discovery brings the home's room total up to 161.

While trying to preserve the home, a team of workers came across the room in the attic. They believe that the owner chose to board up the room after California's 1906 earthquake. After the owner died in 1922, they closed off the attic itself.

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Sarah Winchester designed the house to confused its presumed ghosts. There are many staircases, like this one, that lead to nowhere. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Sarah Winchester, who was the widow of gun mogul William Wirt Winchester, began building the home in 1884. While its design is a Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion, it was Sarah's unique lifestyle and design requirements that make this home unique.

Because of the many deaths caused at the hands of Winchester guns, many believe the mansion is home to several ghosts. One of those who thought ghosts were present was the builder of the home herself. To avoid these ghosts, Sarah designed her home in such a way where the ghosts would become confused. She even conducted séances to help her come up with the plan of the home.

Throughout the build, Sarah constantly changed the design and moved things around. She even made her builders install things incorrectly, like the columns she wanted put in upside down. Even after she began living in the home, she was constantly changing things up. She even had a full-time employee whose only job was to remodel rooms in her home and make major changes.

When she would travel through her home, she always took a different path. This was all in the hopes of throwing ghosts off her trail. In fact, Sarah boarded up the newly found room for this exact reason. She thought that the ghosts had finally caught up with her. When the quake started, Sarah became trapped in the room and believed that the ghosts had caused the quake in the first place.

If you ever make it out to California, you can tour the eccentric home. But, you will definitely want to take a guided tour and stay with your group at all times. The design of the home makes it extremely easy to become lost for hours inside.

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New Room Discovered in the Bizarre Winchester Mystery House