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New Book Features Unpublished Poems from Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is known as one of the more influential lyricists in country music history. Now, some of the Man in Black’s never before seen poems will be published in a new book.

Forever Words: The Unknown Poems will feature a collection of poems penned by Cash. The writings are sampled from throughout his life, from the age of twelve to the last months of his life in 2003.

The book will also feature an introduction by Paul Muldoon, a prize-winning Irish poet who also edited the project. The collection’s foreword will be provided by John Carter Cash, the son of Cash and wife June Carter.

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The book is sure to provide fans with a unique look into Cash’s writing methods, as well as some of the more influential moments in his life. It’s a definitely must-buy for any hardcore Cash fan, and will thankfully be out just in time for the holidays.

Forever Words: The Unknown Poems will be available via Blue Rider Press beginning Nov. 15. It is currently available for preorder through Amazon

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