The New Nashville: Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose hails from Dallas, but has called Nashville her adopted hometown for many years. She previously sang in a local indie band called Save Macaulay before she was signed as a solo artist to BMI in 2008. Her first studio album, The Stand-In, was released in 2013 and garnered high praise from critics and bloggers. Her song "Waitin'" was covered by Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) on season 2 of the hit show Nashville. 

Rose's mixture of indie pop musicality and traditional country is refreshingly original. There's no overstated twang or over-the-top production here, just well-written lyrics and sincere storytelling. In a town full of Americana wannabes, Rose stands alone as an artist unafraid to be herself. Her voice is pure and sometimes settles into a southern twang, but only when it feels right.

Rose is one of the few artists who can easily translate to both the Americana-indie scene and mainstream country listeners. Even when she dives into a more alternative or retro sound, her songwriting is rooted in the very core of country music: honest and heartfelt, if not sometimes brutally honest. While we await a follow-up record, do yourself a favor and dive into this talented young lady's catalog of impressive tracks.

What She Sounds Like: A young Loretta Lynn with a bit of Zooey Deschanel-like quirkiness.

Required Listening: "Only a Clown" digs into the awkward and sometimes lonely feeling that arises when attending a social gathering where you'd rather not be.

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The New Nashville: Caitlin Rose