The New Nashville: Aubrie Sellers

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Nashville native Aubrie Sellers comes from one of the most talented families in country music. She's the daughter of Lee Ann Womack and Jason Sellers, and her stepfather is celebrated record producer Frank Liddell - but that's not the reason why you should listen to her music. Sellers has managed to do things on her terms, expertly cultivating her own sound at the fresh age of 24.

Ahead of the release of her full-length debut New City Blues on Jan. 29, Sellers has been earning critical praise with the release of the rock-edged single, "Loveless Rolling Stone." While her country music influences are apparent, they are tangled up with the boldness and power found in some of the 1970s best female rock gods. Sellers constantly teeters the edge of vulnerability and strength with her honest lyrics that aren't afraid to address tough subjects that mainstream country routinely shies away from.

Many of her tracks are told from the perspective of heartbreaker who you can't help but cheer for. Sellers unapologetic and fearless sound has put her on the fast track for success in the Music City. Don't be surprised if she becomes one of the most talked-about country newcomers in 2016.

What She Sounds Like: An alt-country version of her mother, Lee Ann Womack, mixed with the gutsiness and charisma of Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves.

Required Listening: "Losing Ground", a brutally honest track that addresses modern society's methods of dealing with pain.


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The New Nashville: Aubrie Sellers