New Hampshire Teen Jumps On Out-Of-Control Speed Boat After Driver Falls Overboard In Viral Video
Photos By Facebook/Rich Bono

New Hampshire Teen Jumps On Out-Of-Control Speed Boat After Driver Falls Overboard In Viral Video

Over in New Hampshire, a teenager saw fit to bravely take control of a stressful situation. A sailing instructor fell off of a speed boat, leaving the boat to wildly dart through the waters without anyone to stop it. (Also, it's not exactly a ringing endorsement for a sailing instructor, eh?) Fortunately, Tom Cruise Jr. was nearby to offer his unique talents.

Our wild and wacky video starts with the speed boat, circling in the water like a ravenous shark. Truthfully, it's the kind of situation that could've gone horrendously if someone hadn't stopped it. Our hero (and secondary hero in the fellow operating the jet ski) dives into action. The jet ski operator gets close enough to the untamed speed boat for the teenager to leap onto it. With that, the teenager wrangles the wild boat, saving the day.

It's a cut-and-dry story of heroism, to be sure. So, for the occasion? Let's see what the internet has to say about it!

"Men doing man stuff. Make men manly again! Way to go, young man," one Instagram user said. Did he get paid for every instance of "man" in his comment? I'd believe it! One day, we're going to have the "misguided masculinity" conversation. But that will be a battle I'll fight in a less tense societal environment!

Teenager Stops A Rogue Speed Boat By Courageously Diving On It

"Some of ya all just can't make a positive comment about a teen doing a heroic task and helping out. So much 'should have done this' 'I would have' ..... how about not make it about you... is it that hard to congratulate another guy? Must you be better? Wouldn't you be proud if that was your son?"

Now that's a comment we can have a conversation about! I did see more than a few comments chastising the boy and giving him "tips." But in truth, it's easy to judge a situation from afar with the power of hindsight. Realistically, most people would've just sat there and looked stupid as the speed boat went crazy.

I know I would've! I'm not built for sudden acts of bravery! But at least I have the sense to applaud an act of courage and admit that it couldn't have been me rather than judging from behind a computer, laptop, or phone, with critical internet commentary being the most "active" part of my day!