How the New Global Release Date Is Affecting Country Music

Did you know albums are no longer being released on Tuesdays? This seemingly small change affects all genres and is causing a few kinks for some major country releases.

Although many fans may head into stores expecting to see Alan Jackson's latest album, Angels and Alcohol, in music stores, they'll have to wait a few more days. As of this week, all major album releases will now take place on Fridays. Jackson's album is the first major country release to take place on the new global release date. Luke Bryan's Kill the Lights will be the next majorly anticipated country album to come out on the new Friday schedule when it hits shelves Aug. 7.

The marketing success or failure of the new schedule will be studied intensely by country marketing executives to see what changes need to be made to their promotional campaigns. The change also affects how charts like Billboard retrieve their data and how retailers handle restocking of physical albums. If an album is released on Friday and sells out, it may be hard for the retailer to restock over the weekend, as most shipments only come in during the traditional workweek. On the positive side, having an album released at the end of the week gives an artist and their representatives more time to promote their music and gain more buzz before it becomes available to fans.

Although the change creates new challenges for artists and the industry itself, most see it as a positive step.

"It certainly changes things," Faithe Parker, managing partner for Marbaloo Marketing, the company that manages campaigns for both Jackson and Bryan, told Billboard. "But I think the music industry has become accustomed to change. We've all had to be flexible for a long time now, and I think this is just the next round of that."

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How the New Global Release Date Is Affecting Country Music