New Garth Brooks Song Featured as 2016 SEC Football Theme

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SEC Football is about to get a little more country. This season, Garth Brooks is bringing his unique sound to the sport with a brand-new song entitled "Pure Adrenaline." This track will become the SEC theme song for all CBS broadcasts this year.

Brooks made the announcement on Monday during a Facebook Live stream. During the announcement, Brooks gave his fans a tour of the stage where he was filming the new video. We will begin hearing this new opener right at the beginning of football, starting with the Sept. 3 game between UCLA and Texas A&M.

Originally written two years ago, "Pure Adrenaline" has yet to show up on a Brooks album. Gordon Kennedy helped Brooks come up with some variations on the song to cover all facets of the videos that CBS needs for their segments. One special thing to note is that Brooks will be wearing late Mike Chapman's bass in his videos. Chapman played on Brooks' last album and he wanted a special way to honor his memory.

The country star definitely has a lot on his plate lately. For the past couple of years, he and his wife Trisha Yearwood, have been touring the world performing. The start of this tour also coincides with the release of Brooks' most recent record. Originally, the plan was to release a new record sometime this year or next, but now he is planning to write a completely different type of album.

After announcing his split from his original record label, Garth says he hopes to release a solo album and a Christmas album with his wife. Garth has recently started his own record label and will soon be launching a SiriusXM satellite radio channel.

Throughout all this, Garth and Trisha will still be touring North America. Their dates continue into 2017 and they are planning to add some shows overseas before the end of the tour.

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New Garth Brooks Song Featured as 2016 SEC Football Theme