New Frontier Tiny Homes

This Tiny Farmhouse is Classic and Modern at the Same Time


The tiny house trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The minimalist movement continues to resonate with people who feel more free with less clutter and less space. They are the ideal solution for those wanting to live off-grid.

New Frontier Tiny Homes in Nashville has created a new model, the Orchid, which is a mini modern farmhouse that really gives you everything you need. 

Designers David Latimer and Taylor Mallon made the house open and full of natural light. It seems like you're getting more square feet than you actually are. There's almost a Scandinavian feel to the design of the tiny farmhouse in the best way possible. 

They were able to squeeze in a small dining table in the kitchen area, which is separate from the main living space. You even get a little farmhouse apron sink. 


A ladder takes you up into the sleeping loft, which is surrounded by more windows of the surrounding yard. It also fits a king-size bed!

Tiny living doesn't mean you need to give up certain luxuries. The house features a full-size shower, toilet, and bathroom vanity surrounded by beautiful custom tile and utilizing stainless steel appliances. It's worth noting that the toilet is an incinerator toilet (there's no sewage hook up).

One of the coolest parts about this house is the hidden storage compartments that you can't see. The couch is actually a pull-out sofa bed that can sleep an additional two people in case you have guests. 


The cedar siding on the outside of this incredible tiny home really makes a statement. The designers have included LED strips around the outside of the house on the front porch as well as multiple places on the inside of the house. 

For more information on New Frontier Tiny Homes click here. Their other models include the Alpha, Cornelia, and the Escher.

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