new country songs for March 2017
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New Country Songs for March

Well, we're not quite out of the doldrums of new country music just yet, but we're close. As festivals start coming into the picture, expect to see more new albums from artists and more new country songs impacting the radio.

But for now, it's pretty slim pickins. Though some of these tunes pack a real punch, so who cares about quantity as long as we've got quality?

Keep an eye on newcomer Carly Pearce and enjoy a (finally) solid offering from Trace Adkins. Let's take a look at the new country songs for March 2017.

Aubrie Sellers, "Liar Liar" (March 6)

This clever tune comes at a pretty relevant time. Though she capitalizes on a bit of child's play with the chorus, Sellers really singes the edges on this burning rebuke of a dishonest lover. She released the song as the third single off her debut album New City Blues.

LANco, "Greatest Love Story" (March 6)

Though their debut EP came out nearly a year ago, it took awhile for "Greatest Love Story" to make its way to radio. And while there are only four songs to choose from, their latest single is easily the highlight. Keeping with their M.O., the tune is a bittersweet tale of young love which finds a happy ending.

The Swon Brothers, "Don't Call Me" (March 6)

The Swon Brothers took a beat after leaving their old record label, but now they're back with "Don't Call Me." The new tune hits radio March 6 and finds The Voice alums hitting common territory of the booty call (and, ironically, not wanting it). The pop country brothers will certainly please their fans with the familiar fare.

Trace Adkins, "Watered Down" (March 13)

The elder statesman feels right at home on new nostalgic tune "Watered Down." He sings of "the backside of 40" and all the women he could've settled down with, who settled somewhere else. It's not sad, but it's certainly relatable and right where somebody like Adkins shines best.

Carly Pearce, "Every Little Thing" (March 20)

With an earthy tone and something that feels both a little old and a little new, Carly Pearce is one of country's most intriguing new voices. "Every Little Thing" is one of the new songs from her work with producer busbee. The tune climbed to the top of the charts on SiriusXM's The Highway, selling about 4,000 downloads per week. The beautifully remorseful tune clearly hit all the right notes with new fans.

A Thousand Horses, "Preaching To The Choir" (March 27)

A Thousand Horses hopes to find similar success to their debut single "Smoke" with "Preaching To The Choir," the first new tune not from their debut record. Musically, the tune doesn't feel far from their breakthrough song, but the lyrics find the band trying to rabble rouse their fans into a good time. It's old fashioned party lyrics over nu-southern rock.

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