Blue Bell

The New Blue Bell Ice Cream Release Will Bring You Back to Childhood

We just can't get enough Blue Bell. The week that the Brenham, Texas ice cream company added Kentucky, New Mexico, and Indiana to their state distribution list, they also announced a new flavor available on grocery store shelves. Unlike the fruity flavors of spring and the decadent holiday half gallons, this new flavor will make you scream for ice cream, literally.

Ice Cream Cone is back in stores for a limited time, available in half gallon and pint sizes. The unique flavor is a delicious vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate-coated cone pieces, chopped roasted peanuts, and a rich chocolate sundae sauce swirl. If you love the cone the best, then this is the flavor for you.

Perhaps the best part about this new flavor is that you no longer have to face one of the biggest dilemmas in ice cream today: cone versus bowl. The great combination of cone pieces finally lets you have it all: eat in a bowl and still experience the tasty crunch of the cone.

This flavor is so tasty, but not overwhelming. When I have multiple flavors in my freezer, I like to have a bowl of ice cream with a scoop of each. With Ice Cream Cone, I'd gladly toss in a scoop of Cookie Dough or Banana Pudding. Normally it can be hard to pair flavors together, especially like Mint Chocolate Chip, but the vanilla base and chocolate sauce of the Ice Cream Cone flavor add versatility.

Whether you're still waiting for your favorite Blue Bell flavor to be released or you just stick with the classic flavors, there's no doubt that this newest flavor will take you right back to childhood.

Remember enjoying an ice cream cone after a hot day at the pool? That's exactly what the new ice cream from Blue Bell tastes like. To learn more about the iconic flavors of Blue Bell Creameries, check out our rankings.

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