Never Have I Ever

Watch Some of Country's Biggest Stars Play 'Never Have I Ever'

Ever played "Never Have I Ever?" For those of you that have never: it's typically a drinking game. Sitting in a circle, one player says a simple statement starting with "Never have I ever." If you've done it, you drink. That continues around the circle.

Apparently no stranger to the game, Buzzfeed gathered some of the hottest country music stars at CMA Fest and played a round of the popular game. Who's written a song about an ex that did them wrong? Who's fallen off of a mechanical bull?

GIF via Buzzfeed

Brett Young, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, and more answer all of your burning questions. Fake IDs, broken bones, and cheating on tests. Things get real guys. This is probably our favorite game of Never Have I Ever, ever.


And kudos to the stars for admitting to things like looking through a significant other's phone without permission. (Hey, they're people too.)

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