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Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass is Back and Better Than Ever

If you love pasta (and let me just ask, who doesn't?) and are a frequenter to Olive Garden, do we have some amazing news for you. Olive Garden, the Italian restaurant chain, is bringing back the Never Ending Pasta Bowl with some major upgrades. One of which is the Annual Never Ending Pasta Pass, which lets a select number of customers enjoy the never ending pasta bowl deal for an entire year. Yea, that's 365 days worth of creamy mushroom rigatoni.

The pasta bowl promotion started way back 2014, where $100 could get you 49 days of pasta. A thousand cards sold in the first two hours and with that, the race was off to enjoy the most pasta as humanly possible. One customer, Hagana Kim even kept a blog about the entire experience, eating at Olive Garden every day for 7 weeks. In the end, he ate 49 bowls of pasta, 83 breadsticks and consumed over 82,000 calories. WOW.

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While in the past, passionate fans could only enjoy the unlimited soup, salad, breadsticks and pasta bowl for only a few weeks, this year 1,000 lucky customers will have the chance to buy the Annual Passholder Never Ending Pasta Pass. Valid through 9/24/18 to 9/22/19, the 52-week pass includes unlimited servings of pasta, sauces, and toppings from the Never Ending Pasta Bowl Menu. The Annual Pasta Pass also includes unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. The pass is valid only for dine-in orders so don't plan on buying a ton of pasta on to go orders. For a price tag of only $300, it's totally possible to eat at Olive Garden for under $1 each day.

If eating pasta every day for a year doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, Olive Garden is also offering an 8-week pass during their pasta pass promotion. This pass will give you unlimited access to the never ending pasta bowl menu for 8-weeks, which is more than ample time to try out every pasta combination on the menu.

There's only one catch for these passes. There are only 1,00o unlimited pasta annual passes for sale on www.pastapass.com and competition is tough for an annual pass. The Pasta Pass sale starts at 2 pm Eastern Time on 8/23. Once the clock hits, press the buy button. The passes will only be on sale for thirty minutes, or until they sell out. Happy pasta hunting.

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