Kind-Hearted Neighbor Buys Back Home for Evicted 89-Year-Old Woman

Screengrab via the Tampa Bay Times

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Now, one elderly woman will be able to spend Christmas at home after being kicked out of her house without warning.

Last month, 89-year-old Angie Tyma was evicted from her Florida home, where she had lived for the past three decades. The person she had sold the house to several years prior had, without Angie’s knowledge, stopped paying the mortgage. So, her door was locked and she was left stranded.

Luckily, one generous neighbor stepped up big time after the foreclosure to help out the beloved lady. Hudson, Fla. locals helped store Angie’s things and found her a motel to live in temporarily. Then, her neighbor Danielle Calder bought the home and arranged for Tyma to move back in. “I’m blessed to be able to help her,” Calder told the Tampa Bay Times. 

Plus, the fact that Angie moved back into the home on her birthday made the moment all the more special. Watch her joyous return home in the video below.

Talk about a birthday gift that is definitely hard to top. It turns out, however, that it may have been Angie’s idea all along. The elderly spitfire admitted that she asked Calder to buy the house (which sold for $167,500) and then rent it back to her.

No matter who’s idea it was, the strength and generosity that Angie’s community displayed is inspiring. No one wants to feel stranded or alone during the holiday season, let alone on their birthday, and it’s great that neighbors were able to come together to help Angie during a time of need.

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Kind-Hearted Neighbor Buys Back Home for Evicted 89-Year-Old Woman