You Need Boho Chic in Your Summer Wardrobe

Combine country charm with boho chic to create the perfect outfits for summer.

Boho Chic is a fun style that's perfect for summer outfits on casual and fancy occasions alike. But where does country fit in boho chic? Do cowboy boots and hats have a place in boho chic? Absolutely.

With a few pieces, you can be sure to country-fy those acid-washed jeans and cropped vintage t-shirts.


21st Street Blog/Bliss Katherine

This elegant top from Forever 21 is a small acknowledgment to cowboy vests and saddle hides. Paired with high-waisted shorts, the suede brings together the gold temporary tattoos, amethyst jewelry and midi rings.

Suede vests and jackets can be paired nicely with a sundress and cowboy boots, for the perfect combination of boho and chic. Suede purses are light but durable, an ideal accessory for summer festivals. Suede moccasins look fantastic with ripped jeans, a graphic tee, and a flowery kimono.

However you wear it, suede is sure to be the star of your country boho-chic outfit!


lace romper

Nothing says southern belle like a darling cream-colored lace dress. However, little hints of lace still pay tribute to the country boho-chic look. The romper is a casual boho chic essential; it's great for summer outings, baseball games and barbecues.

The versatility of this lace romper, found on Look Book Store, is evident: throw a flannel over it and you could be headed to a bonfire, tie in a necklace with a clutch and you're ready for cocktail hour!

Lace shorts and skirts are also easy to pair with a graphic t-shirt or a flowing blouse. Whatever pieces you use, lace can help bring a little country to your next OOTD.



Free People Blog/fp brigette

Yet another tribute to the Wild West, fringe will give your boho clothes a country fix. This Wild West inspired outfit, featured on Free People's blog, is a roadmap for boho country chic.

The acid wash Kimono mimics the color of cowboy chaps, bringing in an adventurous element to the floral dress, and beaded fringe bag. Bathed in fringe, this combination is sure to impress at a family gathering or an outdoor party. Plus, add a cute fedora (as seen above), and you'll nail that boho chic vibe!

Floral Print

Free People's Style Community/Abby Cole

Who doesn't love a vibrant, graceful floral pattern? This beautiful floral tunic from Free People, the fashion company that thrives off of "boho chic", belongs in any country chic closet. Floral, the pattern found on every sun dress, is an easy way to bring in a little country to your outfit. 

Flowers show the blissful and cute side of a country outfit--it's no wonder you can find floral dresses in every southern boutique. Easy to style and fun to wear, floral dresses can be matched with boots, small hints of jewelry, and wispy, charming hair.

To add impeccable country charm, put up those locks in a messy braid (seen in fashion blogger Abby Cole's outfit, above).

Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots
Glam Radar/Anjelina

Cowboy boots are the most accessible fashion item. Brides wear them at weddings, style icons wear them on the red carpet, country stars rock them on stage, and you can rock them too, with boho chic.

In the fall, boots work great with sleek jeggings, asymmetric jewelry, a solid blouse, and an army jacket, as seen above. This is a slow transition into full-on boho country chic, but it's a good start. You'll be piecing in chiffon kimonos and oversized tunics in no time.

Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat
Fashion Gone Rogue/Tina Luther

Want to look fierce in your country boho chic style? Try a cowboy hat. It's the epitome of country style, and it looks amazing with boho chic. It's as if the two were made for each other.

The outfit above has it all: cowboy boots (yes, short ones, but they still count!), a suede cowboy hat, and a boho/western traditional kimono. Notice how great this outfit looks against the desolate country landscape--it's proves how well boho chic compliments country style.

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You Need Boho Chic in Your Summer Wardrobe