Ned LeDoux to Release Debut Album 'Sagebrush'

Ned LeDoux

Country music fans everywhere are still reeling from the loss of Chris LeDoux. The big-hearted singing rodeo star died in 2005, leaving a hole in the country scene that could never quite be filled. Now, his Ned LeDoux is finally ready to throw his hat into the country music circle with an album of his own.

Called Sagebrush, LeDoux is aiming to "kind of stick with what dad used to do but bring my own stuff to the table" with it.

And indeed, for the most part, most of Sagebrush will be Ned's own writing. Fans of Chris will be able to hear for themselves if his son's songwriting feels as timeless as his father's.

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With modern production and a new voice behind the work, they're bound to be in for a new experience. All said, one can say that Ned maintains the same kind of cowboy-inspired heart that his dad was so well known for.

Sagebrush plays like a continuation of the story Ned's father started. It highlights both the passion that Chris had for loving his son and the man that his son grew up to become on his own.

If you're keen on picking up Ned LeDoux's debut album, Sagebrush will be released on Nov. 3.

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Ned LeDoux to Release Debut Album 'Sagebrush'