Spangler Candy Company

Necco Wafers are Finally Coming Back to Stores

Get ready, Necco Wafers, the retro candy originally manufactured by New England Confectionery Company is finally coming back! Sweet and with a variety of flavors (lemon, lime, orange, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate), the candy wafers are hitting grocery store shelves after a two-year absence thanks to Spangler Candy Company.

What are Necco Wafers?

First produced in 1847, Necco Wafers were invented by Oliver Chase, an English immigrant who created a lozenge cutting machine that created "hub wafers" which were carried by Union soldiers. Later on, during World War II, Necco Wafers were manufactured for oversea soldiers on orders of the United States government.

Kirk Vashaw, chairman and CEO of Spangler Candy, shared with TODAY that the original candy wafer should be on store shelves within the next few days.

"We've always admired the brand and how it's woven in with the fabric of our culture," Vashaw said. "It's neat to be eating a candy that was carried by Civil War soldiers, and taken on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, and issued to GIs in World War II as a morale booster. It's a piece of our history."

According to Vashaw, the candy buttons are created with the same formula and wax paper wrapper. The only difference classic candy connoisseurs might notice is the chocolate wafers. The company used a different process, making the favorite flavor a little richer.

Does this candy release mean conversation hearts are not too much farther behind? This past year the candy company released their Sweethearts candy for Valentine's Day but one thing was missing: the sayings! Due to manufacturing trouble the company had to send out the candy without the classic sayings. Hopefully next year "Be Mine" hearts will be back to give to our Valentines.

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