Neal McCoy’s Daily ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ Goes Viral

Neal McCoy may not have any new hits on the radio, but he’s a hit on the Internet.

McCoy’s daily recitation of the “Pledge Of Allegiance,” which he shares every day on Facebook, is going viral. Each video of McCoy citing the pledge tops 75,000 views in a day, gaining thousands of likes and shares, and hundreds of comments.

Sometimes he says the pledge in a simple, matter-of-fact way. And sometimes thousands of people help him out.

McCoy told KLTV in Texas that the whole thing first started when he began writing the pledge in posts. With all of the politicking going on, McCoy wanted something to unite folks. “You hear everybody on both sides making their arguments, I just thought the one thing we should be able to at least agree on is loving our country,” McCoy said.

That practice evolved into sharing videos of himself saying the pledge, which caught on. Soon, McCoy enlisted the help of some of his famous friends to say it with him. Guests like Brad Paisley, Wayne Newton, Jake Owen and Charley Pride joined McCoy for his videos.

It’s a simple gesture, but a powerful one. “People are saying it means a lot to them and I’m getting the same stories, ‘You know I haven’t said it or haven’t heard it in a long time,'” McCoy said. He decided to paint his bus with a big American flag and the pledge along the side, too.

KLTV News Staff
KLTV News Staff

McCoy makes sure to wake up every day between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. to share a new post of the pledge. And he often does so wearing a hat with special significance to him.

“[A veteran] called me over and said, ‘Me and my gunner got out of the field early and came and saw you in Afghanistan,'” says McCoy. The veteran continued, “And shortly after that my gunner died, and this was his hat. I want you to have it.”

McCoy has 100 pledge videos and counting, with no plans to stop any time soon.

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Neal McCoy’s Daily ‘Pledge Of Allegiance’ Goes Viral