Navy Lieutenant Raises Money For Wounded Vets, Runs Marathon In 85-Pound Suit

Screengrab via Huffington Post

Navy Lieutenant Daniel Glenn completed a half-marathon wearing a bomb disposal suit to raise money for veteran amputees. The 28-year-old hoped to raise both money and awareness by completing the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, Virginia in the suit.

The marathon was 13.1 miles, but wearing an 85-pound suit meant to withstand the heat of bomb blasts made it feel like a lot more than that. "Put it this way: The thinnest parts are still a half-inch thick and the thickest parts have about four inches of armor plates and material," Glenn tells the Huffington Post. "Honestly, it wasn't running. It was more like a forced march."

Glenn raised money through CrowdRise and donated it to the EOD Warrior Foundation, which assists injured veteran and their families financially. They also aid in transitioning vets to a normal life after the loss of a limb.

The brave Lieutenant says that he was driven to run the marathon by the heroes he was seeking to honor. "To me, the real warriors are those who are doing heroic acts far away from anyone outside the military," he explained. "I was either going to be taken off the course in handcuffs against my will or in the back of an ambulance unconscious."

Glenn said that he plans on doing similar events in the future to raise more money and awareness for the foundation. As he puts it, "This is a way to show people how mentally strong people in the military are. To bring that home, you sometimes have to provide a spectacle."

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Navy Lieutenant Raises Money For Wounded Vets, Runs Marathon In 85-Pound Suit