Nashville Teen Brings Keith Urban to Tears on ‘American Idol’

Keith Urban and his fellow American Idol judges were brought to tears when a talented young contestant was reunited with a loved one.

During the season premiere of American Idol’s final season, 15-year-old Tristan McIntosh blew away the judges with her heartfelt rendition of Mickey Guyton‘s track, “Why Baby Why.” Although her performance was enough to easily earn her a coveted golden ticket, the truly memorable moment came when judge Harry Connick Jr. read a special message to Tristan.

Before she entered the audition room, Tristan credited her mom for being a huge supporter of her dream to make it on American Idol. Tristan’s mother Amy, a Major in the Army, was deployed in the Middle East and could not be there to support her daughter. After Connick Jr. read a supportive email from her mother, he gave Tristan a gift that she’ll never forget.

Maj. Amy McIntosh walked into the room and embraced her daughter, bringing tears to the eyes of everyone in the room. The moment stood out to nearly everyone who saw the Jan. 7 episode, including Mickey Guyton herself.

McIntosh was thrilled to get a message of support from the rising country artist.

Judge Jennifer Lopez predicted that McIntosh may just end up being the final winner of American Idol. No matter what happens, it’s clear that she’ll never forget the moment that started her journey to Hollywood.

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Nashville Teen Brings Keith Urban to Tears on ‘American Idol’