'Nashville' Season Five Will Refocus on the Music

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It's been a turbulent year for fans of ABC's drama Nashville. Just days before the season four finale, fans got the news that the series had been cancelled. Thankfully, CMT and Hulu joined forces to bring the country music-themed show back to television.

The series will not only have a new network, but a refocus on the music itself. Longtime fans know that the first season featured lots of original songs and musical performances from the characters. As plot lines got more complex, those performances lessened in numbers.

Co-showrunner Marshall Herskovitz says that won't be the case in season five.

"First thing we mandated was shorter scripts, so there's time for the music to play out," he explained. This refocus on the whole theme of the series also means new characters and new genres. Nashville is a hub of country music, but also is bustling with artists from pop, indie rock and everything in between.

"Nashville is the crossroads of the entire music world, not just country music," Herskovitz says. That's precisely why artists like Rhiannon Giddens and pop singer Bridgit Mendler have been cast.

So will this mean a newfound success for Nashville? Fans will find out when season five kicks off Thursday, Jan. 5 on CMT.

Meet Aubrie Sellers, One of Country Music's Rising Stars:

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'Nashville' Season Five Will Refocus on the Music