Nashville Predators
Instagram/Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is the Ultimate Nashville Predators' Superfan

It seems like everyone in Nashville is exploding with Predators pride right now. The hockey team is close to clinching the Stanley Cup and Carrie Underwood can barely contain her excitement. Carrie is the No. 1 supporter of the team and their captain, Mike Fisher, who just happens to be her husband.

Over the past few weeks, no celebrity has shown as much excitement, stress and joy over the Predators' fight to the top. Although last night was the pivotal Game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, it also marked another important day - Mike Fisher's birthday. Carrie took to Instagram to show her support and love for her husband in the most adorable way.

It looks like that "C" patch has been good luck, since the team came out on top last night. And you can tell Carrie was just a little excited over the results.

She also makes sure to give shout outs to Mike whenever possible on social media.

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Plus, it seems like it's hard to find Carrie wearing anything but Predators yellow lately. And although she can't stop singing the praises of her husband, she knows it's all a team effort. She regularly attends games with friends and family. Plus, she has shown her support for the team long before they made their way to the playoffs. During last night's battle, she even took time for a photo op with another hockey legend.

So while Gnash is a great mascot (and another one of Underwood's bffs), Carrie has truly proven herself as the ultimate Nashville Predators superfan.

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