Watch the Dramatic New Mid-Season Trailer for 'Nashville'

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The wait is almost over, Nashville fans. After taking a short break, the beloved dramatic series will return to CMT on June 1. And the drama-filled mid-season premiere teaser trailer gives fans plenty to gossip about.

After the [SPOILER ALERT] shocking death of lead character Rayna Jaymes, it looks like the whole Nashville gang is still in somewhat of a tailspin. Naturally, her children are still struggling to manage life without their mom. But most of the upcoming episodes center more around the supporting characters. What's the deal with Will Lexington's budding relationship with billionaire investor Zach Welles? And who is the father of Scarlett's baby?

Watch all the drama unfold below.

Naturally, the trailer ends with a shocking clip of Gunnar and Scarlett being held at gunpoint. But are the writers really ready to say goodbye to another major character? I'm going to say no, but it does seem like they are amping up the soap opera plot twists.

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So is this extra helping of drama going to help Nashville in the ratings department? We'll just have to wait and tune in when it returns to CMT this Thursday.

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Watch the Dramatic New Mid-Season Trailer for 'Nashville'