'Nashville' Episode Three Recap: Where Things Look Up

After a double dose of Nashville last week, tonight's episode ended much too quickly.

This week opened with an Avery-centric scene, and surprisingly, the episode featured a lot of the guy. I'm not complaining, because he adds a lot of much-needed sugar into Juliette's sour mix. Avery constantly tries to support Juliette regardless of the pity party she's been attending. And yes, she's been a frequent attendee. With inspirational tidbits that would make great greeting cards, Avery tries to encourage Juliette to be optimistic about the future. "If you can't see your way through, I'll see it for you," he says. Be still, my beating heart.

I'm glad that Avery's getting some spotlight. He's positive, passionate, and insightful. There's a lot of emotional baggage dangling around already, but Avery tied in that whole "getting back to who you are" theme when he suggested that Ashley What's-her-nuggets stop yodeling. The reverb isn't going to cover up her personality. Ashley, do you need a Snickers to fix that attitude?

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I'm at a loss for who I think has a bigger attitude issue: Maddie or Ashley?

It's nice to see Maddie doing something other than being mean to Daphne. She starts her internship at the recording studio, and falls into the whirlwind of intern-life. This includes fetching coffee for high strung YouTube sensation Ashley Willerman (A.K.A. What's-her-nuggets). As far as I'm concerned, she can fetch coffee as much as Ashley wants, if that means we can listen to Blues Corner Boy more. I would listen to that song on repeat. Besides straight up oozing talent, considering he played every instrument on his demo, is Blues Corner Boy a potential love interest for Maddie? I hope so, if only for the sake of the soundtrack.

Maddie seems to have met her match and throws a characteristic fit in the studio before quitting/being fired from her internship. I know she's fueled by a lot of emotional turmoil about being back around her father and her guilt... but I'm glad she got a taste of her own medicine. Daphne counsels with advice and insight way beyond her years. She makes good points though, telling Maddie, "Stop complaining about a paid internship." For the love of all unpaid internships, please stop. Daphne also helps Maddie see she's out of line in her actions at the recording studio when she quit. At least someone said something.

Hallie the angel makes an appearance to remind Juliette that her now-wiggling toe is a miracle. I know she physically saved Juliette, but I can't help the suspicion that she'll frequent this season as a guardian angel who gently coaxes Juliette out of her selfish shell and into the light. It's wonderful to hear Juliette's voice again, and her song is evidence of a future transformation. One can hope. But if Hallie isn't going to accept that car, can I?

Admittedly, seeing a child pee on their parent isn't something I would say I'm happy to watch. But in this case? Cadence let it fly while Juliette was holding her, and Juliette felt it. This is the one time I'd say this is a positive thing.

Watching Deacon tread lightly around Maddie is frustrating because I still think he deserves a break. Caring, soft and loving, Deacon hasn't alienated his daughter (who might have deserved it). Maddie approaches Deacon sadly, confessing she's sorry for her actions and for what she said in court during her "divorce" of her family. When he quietly said, "I wish I'd been a better dad," I wanted to shake him. Rayna thinks he's a good father, but he seems to doubt his fatherly capabilities. Maybe Maddie's apology will reinstate Deacon's faith in himself.

Though Rayna is particularly sparse throughout this episode of Nashville, we're graced with her presence on a few occasions. Randall, the digital marketing guy, has my stalker suspicion tingling. Let's face it though, there are other options too. What about that guy she met on the highway? At the end of the episode, Rayna receives an envelope filled with rose petals and notes that look like hand written stalker love letters. So who should Rayna be on the look out for? I guess we'll see next week.

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