Nashville Episode Four

'Nashville' Episode Four Recap: Where Everyone Takes a Leap of Faith

In Nashville episode four this week, a lot of characters take some big steps in their relationships. There's more than one leap of faith, though they're not all in relationships. For instance, Rayna's choice to take Zach up on his offer for financial support later on in the episode. He seems way too good to be true, right? Deacon and Rayna agree, so they take the paperwork and potential contract to a lawyer who gives them some surprising news. The contract is very safe for Highway 65, packed with an escape clause and all.

When Rayna began to open the mail with her name on it, we knew something creepy was coming. It's been dangled in front of us for a few weeks. If you didn't catch the first line of the letter Rayna looks at, it says, "After so many years of waiting, I'm here."

Deacon's lack of a reaction reminds you that strange fan mail isn't abnormal in their industry. Is Zach's arrival in Nashville something he's been waiting for, for years? That takes some of my credibility away in saying Randall is Rayna's stalker.

In episode three of Nashville last week, I completely missed that Randall stole something from Rayna's office. Completely missed it, but it just adds to his creepiness factor and my theory that Randall is Rayna's forthcoming stalker. He's pretty creepy around her, but honestly, we'd all be creepy around Rayna. You and your gorgeous hair.

So, I'm on the fence.

What's really clear is that Avery is moving quickly towards a breaking point. He's been kind, patient, sweet, motivational and insightful with Juliette. He's supported her from the get-go. Juliette's first offense this week comes in the form of medication non-compliance. Okay, she might not want to take those pills, but if it is the doctor's orders then it's probably in your best interest, girl.

Juliette's bad attitude finally pushes Avery over the brink. Her tone is sour when she tells Avery he doesn't want this, and he can't want this. Avery and Juliette, you take one step forward and ten backward. Still, the episode ultimately brings the two back together and into each others arms.

While their reunion is sweet, I am very satisfied that Avery finally told Juliette off. "You've been like this since the day I met you, you just push people away," he told her. Can truer words be spoken?

Deacon's cheesy line to Rayna is a close runner up. "Sometimes these things work out; you did," he told her. Here's another leap of faith.

I'm glad Will had some screen time this episode. Though his shadiness is only growing, you have to feel kind of bad for him. Will's cold feet are obvious when Kevin finds the apartment application in the trash. Kevin's immediate accusing Will of cheating was too fast, but at least he's holding Will accountable for his feelings. So, Will is going to be lonely.

Later in the episode, Will dedicates his song to his first love. It's a nice gesture, but is it really heartfelt if you don't want to be with him? Feelings aside, the song was perfect for the situation.

I wish there was more music in this episode of Nashville. The song Scarlett and Gunner performed was almost folk-like with great acoustics and a lovely harmony. I forgot how much I liked Scarlett's voice especially when it's in a duo with Gunner. Not my favorite song of this season ("Wayfaring Stranger" still takes the cake) but it's a reminder that the two might be getting back to their roots. You know, the theme and all. Will performing where it all began help push them back together?

Zach might be jumping the gun on a lot of things, however his director friend was fantastic. The detailed description of what could be Gunner and Scarlett's music video had me excited to see the finished product. That will come later on. See? All kinds of leaps of faith.

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