Nashville Drummer Crashes Through Window, Continues to Play

Screengrab via YouTube

In the heat of the moment while playing at Robert's Western World in Nashville this past weekend, drummer Stan Saxon of the Don Kelley Band lost his balance and crashed through the iconic honky-tonk's front window.

Saxon's Friday night fall, which was caught on camera, caused him to topple backwards during the band's energetic performance of "Ghost Riders in the Sky". He then plunged through a glass window, down onto the tourist-filled sidewalk of lower Broadway.

"My ear monitor pulled me back, felt like somebody grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me to the ground. It was like the window wasn't even there. The next thing I knew I was looking up at shards of glass going, 'how did I get out here'," Saxon told a local news station.

"I was standing here with another couple waiting to get in and give my ID to the bouncer and all of a sudden 'crash' and the drummer fell out right on top of us and [there was] broken glass everywhere," a bystander explained.

The Don Kelley Band regularly performs at Robert's Western World and Saxon was very nonchalant about the incident. After shaking off some broken glass and dirt, the relentless musician picked up his drums, climbed back on stage and finished his set. Despite finding out the next day that the fall had broken one of his ribs, Saxon was playing again on Saturday night.

Rock on, Stan.

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Nashville Drummer Crashes Through Window, Continues to Play