'Nashville' Star Clare Bowen Unveils New Song 'Tide Rolls In'

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Australia-born singer and songwriter Clare Bowen is best known in the States for her role as the sheltered yet stubborn Scarlett O'Connor from the TV series Nashville. As the show's fans learned over its six seasons, she's a fantastic singer and real-life poet with a promising career.

To celebrate the July 12 US release of her self-titled debut album, Bowen has shared the bold, soulful Buddy Miller collaboration "Tide Rolls In."

"'Tide Rolls In' is about people and things that seemed like a good idea at the time," she told The Bluegrass Situation. "We've all put our love in the wrong place at some point -- my romantic career before I met my sweet, wonderful husband Brandon was a proverbial train wreck, with napalm on top. Brandon and I have the most incredible love story that people ask me about all the time, and I want everyone to know that we didn't just find each other immediately. It started with self love, for both of us. If you've made dreadful romantic choices in the past, you're not damaged goods, like I thought I was -- you are a beautiful, unique creature who deserves to be loved so very much. Especially by your own heart."

The album came out last August in Australia and stalled at number 65 on the UK charts. Its re-release makes it more accessible to fans of Nashville--the city and the show--and Americana.

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'Nashville' Star Clare Bowen Unveils New Song 'Tide Rolls In'