Naomi Judd Talks About Battle with Depression in New Book

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For the first time, Naomi Judd has opened up about her difficult past and recent battle with depression. Though most of the world sees her as one half of the incredibly talented Judd duo, Naomi paints a much different picture in her upcoming memoir.

Her new book, River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Merged with Hope, reveals she suffered from crippling depression around 2010. During the reunion tour with her daughter, some of the worst moments came on stage.

Judd wrote in an excerpt detailed by Rolling Stone Country, "I wanted to be completely honest that if someone took out a gun and killed me on stage, they would be doing me a favor. But I didn't. I was there to inspire them and I could not let them down. I gathered every ounce of strength I had, straightened my shoulders, adjusted my suit jacket, found the will to smile, and strode out on stage."

Judd details flashbacks from her youth. She explains how she suffered from sexual abuse, along with years of psychiatric hospital visits and excessive medications. In a statement, Judd sets the record straight. She says this book isn't a tale of redemption, but of honesty and gratitude.

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"Because I have survived and found peace, I feel a responsibility, as a messenger, to share what brought me hope and what's kept me alive," Judd says. New York Times best-selling author Marcia Wilkie helped Judd shape the memoir.

It's not her first brush with writing. Judd also wrote an autobiography in 1993 called Love Can Build A Bridge, which became a TV movie. She also penned several self-help books. And judging by her resilience, she seems like a good source of inspiration.

The memoir comes out on Dec. 6.

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Naomi Judd Talks About Battle with Depression in New Book