Muttnation Bandwagon Tour
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Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation Supports Animal Shelters During Bandwagon Tour

Now that the Bandwagon Tour featuring Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert has come to an end, Lambert has announced that the MuttNation Foundation, the organization she founded in 2009 with her mom, Bev Lambert, was able to procure thousands of pounds of supplies for American shelter animals while on tour.

Lambert set up a "Fill the Little Red Wagon" campaign outside of participating stops on the Bandwagon Tour to encourage country music fans to donate money or bring dog food and supplies for a local shelter. Each city's shelter was handpicked by MuttNation to receive the donations due to their high caliber commitment to providing the best for their animal friends while they're in the shelter and for finding them forever homes.

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As a rescue animal lover who has quite a few shelter dogs of her own, Lambert knows that her fans also love their furry companions and want to give back. "My fans always amaze me with their compassion and generosity," Miranda stated. "Knowing so many of us share this love for shelter pets adds another special connection between us and, when I get to hear some of the fans' stories about their rescues, it always touches my heart."

The MuttNation Foundation set up the Little Red Wagon (a reference to Lambert's 2015 hit cover of an Audra Mae song) outside of tour stops along her Livin' Like Hippies Tour, as well, but the wagon isn't the only way MuttNation reaches out. The organization also popped up at a Nashville CMA Fest event in June where they were able to find forever homes for 56 excited rescue dogs, and in February, MuttNation awarded surprise grants of $3,000 - $5,000 to over 50 chosen animal shelters.

Of course, Lambert's nonprofit couldn't stand by and watch the disaster of Hurricane Harvey without getting involved, so a year ago, MuttNation worked with Houston organizations to find homes for animals that were already in the shelters before the storm hit to make room for the displaced animals during the flood. To get involved with MuttNation, check out their website and follow them on social media.

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