Mustard Ice Cream Actually Exists And Here's How to Try It

Sorry guys, this isn't a typo for custard ice cream. Yellow mustard is no longer a condiment only for hamburgers, hot dogs and pretzels. In honor of National Mustard Day, French's and Ice cream maker Coolhaus, have teamed up to create French's mustard ice cream and this summer treat is coming to a city near you.

Coolhaus, who has created ice cream flavors such as Milkshake & Fries and Midnight Munchies was more than excited to collaborate on the project with French's. "As lovers of sweet-meets-savory, pure ingredients and unique creations, we are incredibly excited to be collaborating with French's Mustard in creating this one-of-a-kind product," said Coolhaus CEO & founder Natasha Case. "It's been so fun to explore this classic condiment in a whole new way and create an unforgettable thoughtfully-crafted ice cream flavor with an All-American taste."

Where to Find French's Mustard Ice Cream

The limited-time flavor will be served at Coolhaus' location in Los Angeles while lucky ice cream lovers will get the chance to grab the treat from an ice cream truck in New York City and the Hamptons. West Coast customers may visit the Culver City scoop shop on August 2-4 and August 9-11 to celebrate National Mustard Day.

And for New Yorkers, here is the French's Mustard ice cream truck schedule:

  • August 1
    • Rockefeller Center
    • Hearst Tower/Columbus Circle
  • August 2
    • Brooklyn Heights
    • Madison Square Park
  • August 3
    • Main Street, Hamptons
    • East Hampton Main Beach

Can't make it to either of the tasting events? Check out the French's site to download your own recipe you can make at home with an ice cream machine. The brand recommends serving the ice cream with salty-sweet pretzel brittle.

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