Music Row Studios to Offer Public Tours for the First Time Ever

For the first time ever, fans have a chance to step inside Nashville’s biggest hit factories. That’s because 10 Music Row studios just partnered with local tour groups for unprecedented access.

Ever since the studio boom of the 1960’s, Music Row kept the keys to their rooms close to the chest. Artists find safe haven in studios. Plus, studios highly sensitive rooms designed specifically for capturing sound and loaded with millions of dollars of equipment.

Not the most tourist-friendly place. In fact, the famous RCA Studio B presented the only opportunity for fans to see behind the curtain.

The control room inside RCA Studio B Wikimedia Commons

But thanks to this new strategic partnership, studios have the chance to open their doors to fans who want to experience the living, breathing spaces where country music comes to life. And the studios get a piece of the revenue.

“One of our primary goals is the new source of revenue for the studios,” Carolyn Brackett, senior field officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, told The Tennessean.

The use of 10 studios allows tour groups to still have an option open for visitors, even if artists booked others.

The industry’s studios suffered heavily after the devaluation of recorded music. And with the growth of home recording, artists began investing in their own independent setups instead of putting that money towards a real studio.

But all the biggest acts in the world still trust their music to bonafide studios. Like those available on the tours. Partner studios include Columbia Studios, Black River Sound Stage and Ocean Way Studios. All giants in the industry.

Some experiences will even allow visitors to get a better understanding of the equipment and make their own recordings. With any luck, the partnership will help the studios stay viable in a fast-changing Nashville. As Music Row undergoes redevelopment and changes, the city hopes to maintain the area’s historic relevance.

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Music Row Studios to Offer Public Tours for the First Time Ever