Music City Party Tub

Wanna See Nashville in Style? Cruise Broadway in a Party Tub on Wheels


Your next Nashville bachelorette party is about to get way more interesting. You can now ride around downtown Nashville in a party tub. I bet you never thought that was even an option. It's basically the hot tub version of a party bus and it's available year-round.

Music City Party Tub is here for all of your party needs, offering tours that can accommodate up to 14 of your closes friends. The best part? You get to sit back and relax -- unlike the ever present pedal taverns, which are basically a workout.

Another bonus? The Music City Party Tub is completely covered. There's nothing worse than booking something for a special occasion and having some rain ruin everything. 

Each tour lasts 2 hours (with 15 minutes for safety rules) and, like any good party tour, its BYOB. Did I mention you can get this hot OR cold? In the hot summer months, they try to keep the water like a swimming pool (around 83-84 degrees). How ideal would it be to sit back in that with a mimosa (or five) as you and your friends make your way around the capital of Tennessee? In the winter, they crank the water up to 100 degrees, which would pair nicely with a thermos full of spiked hot chocolate. Don't worry, they have a roof and windows when it's cold out.


Don't worry about having to share a tub with strangers. Music City Party Tub only does tours with passengers who know each other. The water is also replaced every tour with proper chemicals. The company gives a maximum of eight tours per week.

Just make sure you show up prepared. Obviously, you'll need a swimsuit and a lidded cup so your drinks don't slosh around in the water. If you're like me and always forget something, they have backups onsite just in case. 

You really get to be the star on this trip because it's top notch service. You'll get robes, towels, music, a cooler, LED party lights and a host/hostess for the duration of the mobile party. That means you have a guaranteed person to take all the photos and videos you could need as well as help make everyone drinks. If you're that person and didn't charge your phone, they even have a USB outlet. Music City Party Tub has really thought of everything.

Prices range from $420-$495 depending on the day of the week you are trying to book and an extra $25 if you're booking on a holiday. So grab that credit card and put down your $100 deposit, because this mobile party tub "transportainment" will make your next special occasion way more fun.


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