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Hilarious Video Shows How Mr. Bean Reacts to Seafood 

Sometimes a slapstick comedy is what we need- a few hours to giggle at stupid jokes and forget about real-life problems. That's exactly what Mr. Bean's Holiday accomplishes! If you haven't seen it, it's about a silly, mostly mute character who takes a trip to France and causes chaos wherever he goes, much to the disapproval of onlookers. One of the most memorable scenes of this blissfully thoughtless film is that of Mr. Bean's seafood platter.

This funny clip shows Mr. Bean's amazing reaction to the questionable seafood platter:

Mr. Bean's Aversion to Seafood

Mr. Bean's Holiday is directed by Steve Bendelack and written by Rowan Atkinson, Simon McBurney, Hamish McColl, Robin Driscoll and Richard Curtis. In this hilarious comedy, Mr. Bean goes to Cannes after winning a trip there in a raffle, along with a video camera and 200 euros. On his way to catch the train, he stops by in a Parisian restaurant for a meal. His waiter serves Mr. Bean a seafood platter, consisting of oysters and langoustine, which look like large prawns.

For those who watch the British TV program Mr. Bean, a show that features the character as well, it's well known that Mr. Bean previously got sick from oysters. This may be the root of his disgust and extreme reluctance to eat them. The waiter, who is played by Jean Rochefort, prompts Mr. Bean to eat the oysters. Mr. Bean responds by pretending to eat them off of the seafood platter, while actually surreptitiously depositing them into his napkin. He eventually dumps them into a lady's handbag before hurriedly leaving the restaurant.

Mr. Bean then arrives at the platform Gare de Lyon, where he asks movie director Emil Duchevsky to take a video of him boarding the train. Bean asks for multiple retakes, until jumping on the train at the last second, leaving Duchevsky behind. Duchevsky's son Stepan, played by Max Baldry, is on the train, and they are now separated because of Mr. Bean.

The rest of the movie is centered around Mr. Bean attempting to reconnect the two. He gets into all kinds of adventures, one of which involves hitchhiking and getting picked up by French actress Sabine on her way to Cannes Film Festival. Sabine is played by Emma de Caunes, who is about to watch the presentation of her debut film. As Mr. Bean attempts to fix the problem he's created, he discovers France and finds true love.

Portrayed by Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean is the funny, chaotic character we need in our lives, from his reaction to seafood to his dance moves. His comedy movie and British sitcom are popular across Europe and the United States, due to his ability to provide levity and laughter without uttering a word!

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