Hear Muscadine Bloodline's Driving New Single 'Movin' On'


When we caught up with independent country duo Muscadine Bloodline nearly a year ago, the band had just released a new EP. Their song "Porch Swing Angel" was gaining traction on streaming services and YouTube and they were playing double digit shows every month. One year later, the talented male duo comprised of Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster has a new single and an undeniable buzz.

Muscadine Bloodline just released "Movin' On," a rollicking tune that captures everything the duo is gaining notoriety for. Like, for starters, the great blend between Stanton and Muncaster's voices.

A redemptive song about getting over the hurt of a lost relationship, "Movin' On" features all the trappings of a mainstream country hit but still manages to hold on to some of that Alabama grit that never escapes Muscadine Bloodline's sound.

Another signature for the band? Creative lead guitar parts you're more likely to hear on a rock record than a country tune, like the last quarter of the tune which features a solo from Stanton.

"Movin' On" recently landed a spot on Spotify's New Boots playlist, a coveted spot for newer country acts. But the duo does a great job of bringing their existing fans to the mix, too. Muscadine Bloodline's video for "Porch Swing Angel" has nearly 3 million views on YouTube, and their Spotify profile earned more than 7 million streams before landing the New Boots playlist.

Stanton and Muncaster also keep fans regularly engaged by posting acoustic cover videos to their YouTube and Facebook page. Expect more music from the pair as 2018 moves on (pun intended).

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Hear Muscadine Bloodline's Driving New Single 'Movin' On'