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Mountain Dew Released a Body Wash That's Made Out of Soda

It's nothing new that brands are always looking for something new. With social media, getting your idea in front of your favorite brand is easier than ever. Two years ago, a Reddit user u/Woopdeedo shared on the r/blender subreddit, a subreddit "devoted to Blender, the amazing open-source software program for 3D modeling", a mock-up of Mountain Dew Body Wash and Doritos Nacho Cheese moisturizing face wash.

Freshen Up from r/blender

Looks completely real, right? Other users admitted they were almost fooled that Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast was a real thing.

Now, 2 years later, the Mountain Dew team turned it into a reality for some real lucky Dew fans.

New Limited Edition Mountain Dew Body Wash

Inspired by the funny mock-up, New Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast boasts "Bold Kick Ass Confidence" with its Intense Citrus scent. Available in 8-ounce bottles, the clear soap contains normal soap ingredients along with actual Mountain Dew soda.

Sadly you won't be able to pick up this Dew Nation favorite in Walmart or on Amazon. According to Best Products, the Mtn Dew Body Wash Blast was sent to only 250 friends of the brand.

Thankfully, there are other Mountain Dew products on the market that are just as unusual.

Mountain Dew Safe Stash Hide-a-Key

Hide your keys in this stealthy empty can either on the beach or hidden somewhere in your backyard.

Mountain Dew Candle

This soy-based candle smells exactly like a glass of bubbly Mountain Dew. Try not to drink it while you enjoy the scent of this homemade candle.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Got a gamer in your life? Crush the competition by sippin' on this energizing soda. Packed with vitamins A & B, these four charged flavors can turn anyone into a champion.

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