This Dream Ranch in Colorado is up for Sale for $45M

Looking for the kind of place where you could raise generations of a family and livestock, never to leave for contact with the outside world? You're in luck, if you have deep pockets. Motherwell Ranch, the mother of all Colorado ranches, is up for grabs for a cool $45 million.

Situated in the Williams Fork River Valley and backed against the Flat Top Mountains, the Motherwell ranch spans 10,350 acres of vast wilderness.

The current ownership designed the property and has managed it for four decades. The spread includes several homes, equestrian facilities, livestock operations, bridges, roads, recreational facilities and a 2,900-acre game preserve. There's only one country road that leads to the entrance, so if privacy is your thing, we're confident you'd find it here.

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But what really makes the Motherwell ranch a remarkable property is how much lands it actually includes. In addition to the 10,350 acres of property, the ranch touches huge swaths of BLM and National Forest land.

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This place also looks to be a sportsman's paradise. The White River Elk Herd migrates directly across the ranch to their winter hunting grounds, and graze in meadows and alpine forests. You'll also find trophy-sized mule deer, grizzlies and mountain lions.

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And we hear the fishing opportunities are "amazing." From low streambeds to high alpine lakes, there's a lot of water to fish and no one to bother you.

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The family that's owned and operated the ranch is a rodeo family, and have built extensive facilities for horses and livestock. Some of the world's best cowboys have stayed and trained on the Motherwell Ranch in between competitions.

All in all, this place looks pretty spectacular. Check out more details here.

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