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10 of the Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Editor's Note: Prices below are based on listings across the web and not based on actual worth.

Any respectable child of the '90s is all too familiar with the world of Beanie Babies. These little pvc pellet-stuffed animals were the coveted presents for every birthday and holiday and a point of pride for after school play dates (you know you collected the mini collectibles from McDonald's too). I was even so caught up in the frenzy I dragged my family to a beanie baby conference (yes, I was that child, and yes, those exist). 

Even though the craze has died down, collectors continue to covet after rare Beanie Babies, in particular, those with spelling mistakes, making them worth thousands of dollars. Nothing says collector's item like Pinchers the Lobster with a tag error that said "Punchers"! Sites like eBay and Etsy have sellers posting the plush toys for thousands of dollars with the tag error stuffed animals listed as limited editions. Good thing, my parents decided to sell the Disney VHS tapes and keep the Beanie Babies in a massive (we're talking way too many Beanie Babies) storage container in the garage. It looks like we're sitting on a mini fortune out there. Check out these ten most valuable Beanie Babies we've rounded up and profit off your childhood obsession (I plan to). 

10. Patti the Platypus

Patti was one of the original 9 Beanie Babies that launched in 1993. The magenta Patti is the most sought after version, so make sure you have the right color, any other shade of Patti is pretty much worthless. 

Price: $19,500, purchase Patti here.

9. Princess the Bear

Named for Diana, Princess of Wales, this little purple teddy was an immediate and sought after hit. True story, when I was struggling financially in college, I asked to loan some money from my dad, and he mailed me this Princess Diana Beanie Baby instead. I never cashed it in and, if eBay values it at $600,000, that was a missed opportunity.

Price: $600,000, purchase Princess Bear here.

8. Claude the Crab

Nothing personifies a tie-dye crab quite like a French name, n'est pas? Ty Warner knew how to pick some quality names. 

Price: $40,000, purchase Claude here. 

7. Peace Bear

Peace the bear is worth the same amount as one year at a private college. Snag yourself a few of these, and you're fully funding 4 years of college...masters degree anyone?

Price: $35,000, purchase Peace Bear here.

6. Bubbles

For some reason, I was never into the fish Beanie Babies as a child. That was a mistake. Find yourself a Bubbles with a busted fin, and odds are you could add on an extra $50k to this price. 

Price: $176,000, purchase Bubbles here.

5. Snort the Red Bull

While Snort is technically a bull, all I ever see when I look at him is a Razorback. Any Arkansas fans out there?

Price: $25,000, purchase Snort here.

4. Jake the Duck

Jake the duck — this guy screams hot commodity. I don't think I would have ever wanted a duck as a kid, so maybe that's why these are so rare now? 

Price: $50,000, purchase Jake here.

3. Valentino Beanie

Ah. A playoff Valentine's Day. See what they did there? Hit up Etsy and snag this guy for some serious cash.

Price: $40,000, purchase Valentino here.

2. Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Bunnies

These Bunny siblings with very original names are most valuable in a pack. Lucky you if you felt the need to have more than one beanie bunny as a kid! 

Price: $30,000, purchase the bunnies here.

1. Piccadilly Attic

This guy is a rare commodity because there is no way children wanted anything to do with it. The clown vibe is not a good look, but if you happen to own one of these creepy clown bears, cash-out since this beanie is worth over $100,000!

Price: $125,000, purchase Piccadilly Attic here.

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