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Google Reveals Most Popular Super Bowl Dip in Every State


Super Bowl Sunday is swiftly approaching, and while many are worrying whether their favorite team will make the cut, others may be occupied with an equally important facet of the Super Bowl: the food. Nobody wants to be the person who brings a subpar Super Bowl snack to the party, so how can you circumvent this possible catastrophe? Last year, leading up to Super Bowl LVI, Google shared an infographic showing the most searched dip recipes in each state. You won't go wrong if you select one of these dips, so are you curious to see what your state picked? Let's see the most popular super bowl dips by state.

google infographic most popular dips by state


From coast to coast the clear favorite seems to be the buffalo chicken dip, chosen by a whopping 18 states, including its home state. Other popular dip picks include the taco, queso, and 7 layer dip. Meat dips seemed to reign supreme, with nearly half the states -- 24 out of 50 -- selecting a meat dip to represent their state. On the other hand, the seafood category saw only one entry, Connecticut's pick: crab rangoon.

Do you agree with your state's selection? Here's the full list one more time.

Most Popular Super Bowl Dips by State

  • Alabama - Buffalo cauliflower dip
  • Alaska - Seven-layer dip
  • Arizona - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Arkansas - Bean dip
  • California - Jalapeño popper dip
  • Colorado - Green Chile dip
  • Connecticut - Crab rangoon dip
  • Delaware - Buffalo chicken dip
  • District of Columbia (Washington DC) - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Florida - Cream cheese dip
  • Georgia - Bean dip
  • Hawaii - Seven-layer dip
  • Idaho - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Illinois - Jalapeño popper dip
  • Indiana - Cheese dip
  • Iowa - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Kansas - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Kentucky - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Louisiana - Artichoke dip
  • Maine - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Maryland - Cheesy hamburger dip
  • Massachusetts - Seven-layer dip
  • Michigan - Cheese dip
  • Minnesota - Cheddar cheese dip
  • Mississippi - Baked cheesy dip
  • Missouri - Green dip
  • Montana - Queso dip
  • Nebraska - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Nevada - Beer dip
  • New Hampshire - Buffalo chicken dip
  • New Jersey - Buffalo chicken dip
  • New Mexico - Skinny taco dip
  • New York - Buffalo chicken dip
  • North Carolina - Buffalo chicken dip
  • North Dakota - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Ohio - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Oklahoma - Chocolate chip cookie dip
  • Oregon - French dip
  • Pennsylvania - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Rhode Island - Buffalo chicken dip
  • South Carolina - Corn dip
  • South Dakota - Buffalo dip
  • Tennessee - Buffalo chicken dip
  • Texas - Queso dip
  • Utah - Chili cheese dip
  • Vermont - Hoagie dip
  • Virginia - Pizza dip
  • Washington - Greek layer dip
  • Washington, D.C. - Taco dip
  • West Virginia - Taco dip
  • Wisconsin - Queso dip with hot sausage

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